Thursday, August 28, 2014

Huge Performance Increase for Release 2014-35

Some programming magic by Harvey Harrison and Matt Chudleigh has resulted in a major increase in JaamSim's execution speed for release 2014-35. The following graph show the latest result for Benchmark 1 compared to those in my previous posts.

Benchmark 1 - Event Scheduling and Processing

Event Scheduling and Processing
The bottom line on the graph is the result for JaamSim2014-35 with the graphics for the EntityDelay object turned off. Normally, EntityDelay shows the various entities moving along a line representing the fraction of time completed for each delay. Unfortunately, this graphic requires the data for each entity to be stored in a HashMap, adding considerable overhead unrelated to scheduling and executing events. A more realistic benchmark is obtained when this overhead is turned off.

A practical example of JaamSim's speed advantage was revealed a few weeks ago when we delivered a very complex supply chain model to a mining industry client for their internal use. The model was prepared in our TLS software -- an add-on to JaamSim. The TLS model required only 7 minutes to complete a simulation run, while the less-detailed Arena model it replaced required 35 minutes. Our client was very pleased by this unexpected boost to his productivity.

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